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03.10.2019 : News

Why is the exit interview of an employee important for your company?

Employees are most likely to share their honest views on your company during their exit interview, since they have no fear that their answers will influence their status within the company. This process can therefore provide you with valuable insight into your organization, helping you retain your staff and improve your recruitment.

Find out why.

Exit interviews can help retain talent

In the event of a voluntary departure, the employee’s motivations for leaving are often the first topic discussed during the exit interview. Why are they leaving their job? Was there any dissatisfaction? The answers to these questions, while they may be difficult to accept, can nevertheless be seen as constructive criticism that will help you improve some of your practices.

Exit interviews are therefore very important because they provide an in-depth look at your workplace culture, daily processes, management practices and employee motivation levels. Moreover, if you implement a cohesive questionnaire, you can identify interesting correlations and recurrent problems that can then be corrected.

In short, being responsive to the issues and challenges raised by employees leaving your organization can create a more positive work environment and reduce your turnover rate.

Exit interviews enable companies to improve their recruitment

In addition to supporting talent retention, feedback from exit interviews can also help you improve your hiring process.

Interviewing employees who leave their positions will help you better understand the realities of their work and include them in the job postings you publish to find a replacement. You may also identify skills needed for the position that you were not aware of during the hiring process. Your next candidates will be better informed and will not have any surprises once they are employed.

You can also use the exit interview to find out if your employees receive enough training once they are hired and if they are well integrated by existing team.

Exit interviews are important but require time investment

In conclusion, the exit interview is a very useful exercise for companies that want to collect reliable data on the work environment provided to employees. After completing some of these interviews, avenues for improvement will certainly appear and help you retain your staff and recruit more effectively.

However, conducting exit interviews requires you a time investment that you may not have. This is why Mintz Global Screening offers to support you in this process. Our company has over 95 years of background check experience and will provide you with unbiased answers to each of your questions.


13.11.2019 : News

Why is obtaining a driving record mandatory for employers in the road transport sector?

A driving record is a document issued by the authorities of a territory that contains several pieces of information about a motor vehicle driver, such as their competence and history of Highway Safety Code violations. This is particularly mandatory for employers in the road transport sector who are looking to hire new employees. Find out why. A candidate’s driving record indicates whether they possess the skills required for a job… Lire la suite »

03.10.2019 : News

Why obtain a new employee’s job references?

There is a risk involved every time you hire a new employee. The new hire could, of course, prove to be the perfect employee, making a huge difference in your company… but they could also turn out to be a bad hire that will cost you time and money. Find out how you can obtain job references for a potential employee to help you make the best hiring decisions possible…. Lire la suite »

03.10.2019 : News

How to verify the authenticity of a candidate’s diploma for a position in Canada

Education is generally a very important factor for recruiters in a job selection process. After all, applicants acquire the knowledge and many of the skills necessary to perform a job during their academic training. This makes it crucial for hiring managers to check the authenticity of the diplomas mentioned in the job applications they deem interesting. But how do you do this? Performing an education check is now essential Every… Lire la suite »