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09.07.2019 : News

Are background checks important for self-employed workers?

According to a recent study of the Canadian employment sector, nearly 45% of the Canadian workforce will be self-employed by 2020. These revealing figures show that an increasing number of companies are dealing with freelancers to perform a variety of tasks that are often essential to their operations.

However, some organizations don’t pay as much attention to the hiring process for their freelancers as they do for hiring full-time employees.

Find out why it is important to conduct a background check in a hiring process for a self-employed or freelance worker.

Self-employed workers have access to sensitive data

Many companies are not willing to invest time and money to conduct background checks on their freelancers because they do not consider them as important as their full-time employees. However, there are risks involved with this rationale.

Although self-employed workers are often only employed by the organisation for a short period of time, some may have access to confidential information about customers or the company itself. A malicious individual could therefore use this valuable information to their advantage and damage the company’s image while undermining the public’s trust in the organization. Sensitive data leaks caused by an employee, self-employed or not, can even lead to legal ramifications, including  class action lawsuits against the company that recruited them.

In this sense, a criminal record check is warranted since it could identify candidates with a role related criminal record.

Remote working raises new issues about the identity of self-employed workers

One of the reasons for the increasing number of self-employed workers on the labour market is the relative ease of working remotely via technology. As a result, a recruiter may never meet with the worker in person before giving them a contract.

In this specific situation, how can an employer be absolutely certain that the candidate is indeed the person they claim to be and that they have an official right to work in Canada? The solution to this delicate situation is a background check service.

This will confirm that the information provided by the candidate about their employment history, academic background and professional titles and certifications is true. Such an approach is an effective way to protect your organization from fraudsters and imposters.

Secure your recruitment process for self-employed workers

In conclusion, even if self-employed workers are generally only employed for a short period of time and for specific projects, they still become ambassadors for the employer’s brand and can have an impact on the company’s reputation. For this reason, they should be subject to background checks, just like permanent employees.

At Mintz Global Screening, our wide range of background check services enables us to offer customized solutions to our clients, whatever their needs may be.

Contact us to find out how we can help secure your hiring process.

10.06.2019 : News

How to prepare for a background check

Employers who conduct background checks on their candidates want to confirm certain information about them and make certain that they will be a good fit for the company and not pose any risk to their organization.
If you are in the top tier of candidates to fill a position, the hiring manager may want to conduct a background check before hiring you. Your work experience, education, references, verification of identity, criminal history or any relevant verification to the position you applied for may be reviewed as part of this process.
If you want to land the position, you should do everything possible to be adequately prepared for this potential situation. Find out how.

10.06.2019 : News

Employers: Why should you verify the status of a professional trade or accreditation?

Construction workers, engineers, technicians, teachers… nowadays, 20% of professions in Canada require a professional trade or a certification delivered by specific regulatory bodies in each province.
Hiring a candidate for a position requiring such accreditation requires companies to verify the status, the accuracy of the title of the trade and the legitimacy of the institution that delivered it.


10.06.2019 : News

How can recruiters benefit from social media screening?

Before hiring a job candidate, there are several methods of checking if the individuals who present themselves are really who they claim to be. Among these methods is social media screening. When you decide to proceed with screening a candidate, social media can be a real gold mine of information and gives a unique glimpse in to how an applicant presents themselves outside a professional interview. Discover what benefits social media screening can bring to recruiters.