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07.02.2020 : News

Which companies should conduct driving record checks in Canada?

Many companies in Canada offer employment in professions that involve driving a motor vehicle. These jobs can sometimes entail long hours on the road away from home or can be more local endeavours.

For these Canadian companies, meticulous screening practices are often essential to ensure the safety of their clients and employees alike. This is especially true when it comes to checking a potential employee’s driving record since one bad hire can negatively impact your entire company’s reputation.

Here are a few of the companies that benefit greatly from conducting a driving record check for new employees, whether they entrust employees with company vehicles or employ people that drive their own vehicles while performing their duties.

Public transit services should conduct driving record checks

Public transportation services like city buses, underground metro systems and passenger trains need to hold public safety as a top priority at all times. As such, the people they hire to operate their transit services need to be competent and safe. A single accident caused by a public transportation driver would create an enormous uproar among citizens that use the service as well as potential damage to the company’s public persona.

With this in mind, public transit companies like the STM in Montreal have it in their best interest to conduct a comprehensive driving record check for every new employee they hire. This ensures that the drivers they hire do not have questionable driving records and will get passengers from A to B safely and on time.

Truck transport companies

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road and travel all across Canada. It is therefore essential that they are skilled drivers with a clean driving record, both for the safety of other drivers on the highway and for the company’s bottom line if any merchandise is damaged.

A driving record check that uncovers a history of accidents in which the driver was involved, alcohol-related incidents or a prohibition from driving a heavy vehicle can help truck transport companies avoid hiring someone who becomes a legal liability.

Conduct reliable driving record checks

There are many important reasons why companies that employ drivers in Canada should perform driving record checks during their hiring process. These include public safety, employee reliability and company reputation, to name a few.

At Mintz Global Screening, we offer certified and reliable background check services including driving record checks. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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Join our webinar – Mental Health Issues in the Work Place

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