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10.06.2019 : News

Employers: Why should you verify the status of a professional trade or accreditation?

Construction workers, engineers, technicians, teachers… nowadays, 20% of professions in Canada require a professional trade or a certification delivered by specific regulatory bodies in each province.

Hiring a candidate for a position requiring such accreditation requires companies to verify the status, the accuracy of the title of the trade and the legitimacy of the institution that delivered it.

Ensure that a candidate really has the skills required for a position

Some certifications are granted after many hours of training. Others, only after passing an exam. Certified candidates should therefore be able to perform tasks that others are unable to do. Without this specific knowledge that is essential to performing the functions assigned to them, the people hired could be literally useless to the organization. This is one of the reasons why some positions require an individual to hold a specific professional title.

A thorough background check, including a verification of professional certifications and credentials, confirms that the candidate is indeed certified or a member of a legitimate professional organization. This eliminates the risk that they lack the required skills.

Reduce the risk of work accidents

As mentioned above, a professional title comes with specific skills. These are linked to education, training, processes or methodologies that ensure everyone’s safety when applied. This is particularly true in sectors such as health and transport, where one wrong move can cause irreparable damage.

Employers are responsible for the safety of employees and customers. They therefore have a duty to be vigilant and ensure that the candidate they plan to hire is aware of the risks associated with the job and can reduce them to a minimum.

Maintain the credibility of your organization

An organization’s credibility is a very delicate matter. In this respect, claiming to have a valid licence to carry out certain contracts when this is not the case is not a risk worth running. Moreover, severe fines can result from these types of frauds.

To avoid losing public trust in their company, employers can therefore request a background check that will clearly demonstrate that the candidate has a valid licence, title or professional certification. In addition, this assessment will determine whether the professional association that granted the accreditation is trustworthy.

Want to verify that a candidate is certified or a member of a professional association?

Verifying professional titles and certifications is an excellent way to protect your company from any responsibility for hiring an uncertified person and, above all, to avoid hiring an unqualified candidate for the position.

Mintz Global Screening has an extensive contact network in professional associations around the world. These partnerships allow us to quickly verify an organization’s credibility and a candidate’s status. Contact us to quickly find out if an applicant actually holds the credentials and titles they claim to have.

Hr manager reading report

31.03.2021 : News

What does look bad on a background check?

Tips to undergo a background check   If you have just applied for a new position, chances are your potential future employer will ask you to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process. If this is your first background check, the process may seem intimidating and it is only natural to ask yourself what might be detrimental to your application or what might tilt the odds in… Lire la suite »

mental health in the workplace book

18.02.2021 : News

Join our webinar – Mental Health Issues in the Work Place

Stop Hiding and Start Living, a mental health focused Webinar by Dr. Bill Howatt on February 25, 2021   Mintz Global Screening is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with Dr. Bill Howatt, Ph.D., Ed.D, one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. On February 25, 2021, meet us online for a much-needed talk.  … Lire la suite »

Remote recruitment tool

30.06.2020 : News

Why You Should Establish a Remote Recruitment Procedure in 2020

Remote recruitment: a new reality The recent COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to revisit their recruitment procedures. As remote working has become mandatory or strongly recommended in some countries or regions, they have had to recruit new candidates remotely in order to comply with government directives. However, even after government measures have been lifted, companies will still benefit from remote recruitment. In this article, find out why your company… Lire la suite »