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10.06.2019 : News

How can recruiters benefit from social media screening?

Before hiring a job candidate, there are several methods of checking if the individuals who present themselves are really who they claim to be. Among these methods is social media screening. When you decide to proceed with screening a candidate, social media can be a real gold mine of information and gives a unique glimpse in to how an applicant presents themselves outside a professional interview. Discover what benefits social media screening can bring to recruiters.

Social media screening can confirm the candidate’s information

As part of a social media screening, a recruiter can first check the consistency of the information provided by a candidate. LinkedIn is widely used for this purpose. When a candidate applies, they usually do so by sending their resume, which is then reviewed by the Human Resources Department. When you consult the LinkedIn profile of a job candidate, you can confirm and verify the information contained in their CV by comparing it with the information on their LinkedIn page. If the information doesn’t match up, it could be a red flag. In addition, a media background check may allow you to verify the public activity of an individual via social medias as well as their overall presence on internet.

Social media shows an individual’s degree of involvement

Consulting a candidate’s publicly facing social media can also help you assess an employee’s level of involvement in his or her field. An employee who strictly adheres to their 9 to 5 commitment may be perfectly is fine, but an employee who gets involved in his professional environment beyond their working hours may indeed turn out to be the better choice as an applicant. This additional level of involvement can tell you how passionate a job candidate feels about their field. Your company will ultimately benefit from this enthusiasm.

Social media reveals information that the CV doesn’t

Many job candidates have social media accounts that are open to the public. In such cases, a recruiter can check whether the individual is publishing inappropriate photos, statuses or any other communication. Nowadays, an employee’s influence on your company goes beyond the mere performance of their duties. An employee who publicly publishes harmful, insulting, racist or any other derogatory communication can greatly damage your company’s reputation. When you check their personal profiles, you avoid more serious issues down the road.

Hire trustworthy candidates

As you can see, a quick online check can tell you a lot about a job seeker’s profile. Whether you are an internal recruiter or a head-hunter, this hiring tactic, which goes far beyond a simple spy trick, is now difficult to do without.

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07.02.2020 : News

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13.11.2019 : News

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