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13.11.2019 : News

Why is obtaining a driving record mandatory for employers in the road transport sector?

A driving record is a document issued by the authorities of a territory that contains several pieces of information about a motor vehicle driver, such as their competence and history of Highway Safety Code violations.

This is particularly mandatory for employers in the road transport sector who are looking to hire new employees. Find out why.

A candidate’s driving record indicates whether they possess the skills required for a job

Driving a motor vehicle requires a range of responsibilities. There are different classes of driving licences. In Quebec for example, there are 13 classes of drivers’ licences. Each of them authorizes the operation of a specific category of road vehicle. For example, a Class 2 licence is required to drive a bus equipped to carry 24 passengers.

For an employer in the road transport sector, obtaining an applicant’s driving record confirms that the applicant has a valid driver’s licence and that the applicant’s class corresponds to the vehicle that will be assigned to them.

Hiring drivers with an exceptional driving record reduces the cost of insurance

An insurance premium is usually proportional to the level of risk that the insurer must assume. As a result, a driver who has had several accidents will generally have to pay more than a driver who has not made any claims to insure the same vehicle.

For an employer in the road transport sector who has to pay large sums of money to insure their fleet of vehicles, the stakes are just as high. If the insurer determines that the chances of a claim increase with the hiring of a new driver, the cost of the insurance policy will increase. Moreover, if a candidate is hired and becomes involved in several accidents, the employer may have difficulty insuring their fleet at a reasonable cost when renewing their policy.

An individual’s driving record shows the traffic violations they have committed in recent years, as well as more serious crimes that may involve driving a vehicle. While the past is not always a predictor of the future, it is undeniable that a candidate who has had their share of tickets will be at risk of intrepid driving behaviour and an accident that could increase insurance costs. This is why it is essential for an employer in the transportation sector to have access to a candidate’s driving record and give priority to those with a good record of legal compliance.

Checking candidate driving records helps transport companies protect their reputation

Reputation is very important for companies in the transport sector, since customers obviously want to entrust their shipments to a reputable company with employees who are equally trustworthy. It is therefore only natural that they should try to hire drivers with an immaculate driving record who will represent them in a dignified manner.

Since drivers often use vehicles with the branding of the company they work for, a driver with dangerous driving habits will quickly sully his employer’s reputation, especially in an era of smartphones and social media. Employers in the road transport industry use driving record checks to protect themselves against inappropriate actions by their employees that would damage their company’s reputation.

Contact Mintz Global Screening to obtain a candidate’s driving record

Employers must carefully review each applicant’s driving record to make informed decisions when hiring drivers to handle different types of transportation vehicles.

If you are in the process of hiring professional drivers, do not hesitate to request a driving record verification from Mintz Global Screening. With over 95 years of experience in background check services, our team will quickly provide you with the relevant information you need.

03.10.2019 : News

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03.10.2019 : News

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03.10.2019 : News

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