01.04.2019 : News

Resume verification: how to authenticate

A company’s strength is derived from its employees. On the other hand, when an employee makes a false statement on their resume when applying for a job, the hiring company significantly increases the risk of losses. In this regard, there are some solutions that will prevent these poor hiring decisions. Here are some things you need to know about how to verify the accuracy of the information in a resume…. Lire la suite »


28.01.2019 : News

Driving record check: what jobs require it?

An individual’s driving record can reveal a history of offences such as impaired driving, speeding or dangerous driving. It also includes details of the driver’s licence and its history for a defined period, current status, active suspensions and fines. For some recruiters, an in-depth check of a candidate’s driving record is particularly useful in assessing whether a candidate meets industry standards, corporate insurance requirements and can reliably drive a company… Lire la suite »

06.01.2019 : News

Detecting resume fraud costlier as deceptions become more subtle

Job applicants are becoming more subtle in how they falsify their resumes It may seem paradoxical that as companies become more efficient in performing effective background screening on applicants, the process is becoming more costly. The reason is simple: job applicants are becoming more subtle in how they falsify their resumes. They exaggerate and inflate rather than outright lie. Instead of deliberately lying on their resume by making up non-existent… Lire la suite »

Pay Transparency Act

04.09.2018 : News

Ontario is about to regulate pay transparency in the hiring process

The Ontario government passed Bill 3, the Pay Transparency Act 2018, on April 26, 2018. This Act will come into force on January 1, 2019, making Ontario the first province in Canada passing legislation regarding the regulation of pay transparency in the hiring process. This legislation is a part of the Ontario government agenda to promote gender equality and equal compensation. What is the purpose of the Act? Even though making distinction… Lire la suite »

23.08.2018 : News

How to Choose the Right Business Partner | What You Need to Know

Three things to know about your potential business partner Choosing your partner is no easy task. Every businessperson faces this kind of challenge and fears disappointment. On the other hand, this important agreement can help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted for your business. Nevertheless, you still need to take the necessary precautions if you want to increase your chances of finding the ideal person. This article goes over… Lire la suite »


08.05.2018 : News

Why use a background check company before hiring a new employee?

Most employers who regularly hire new employees are well aware that an analysis of a candidate’s resume never provides all the answers. Often, when writing a resume, the candidate will purposely omit information that would make his or her application less attractive to recruiters and perhaps exaggerate information to make themselves more attractive. This is why hiring a background screener before moving forward with a candidate can be beneficial. These… Lire la suite »

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Who is Mintz Global Screening?

New name. New worldwide possibilities. Same unfaltering commitment to quality.

29.01.2017 :

Reliability Screening and Fingerprints: What You Need To Know About Public Services and Procurement Canada’s New Requirements

Fingerprints are becoming a mandatory requirement to work on Government of Canada contracts – is your organization ready?

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Less than a week left until Garda Background Screening Solutions announces new company name

We will be announcing our new company name of February 1st – be the first to find out all about it!

12.12.2016 : Press releases

Mintz Group Acquires Garda Background Screening Solutions

Mintz Group LLC (“Mintz Group”), a leading global investigations firm, today announced the acquisition of Garda Background Screening Solutions (“Garda Screening”) from Champlain Financial Corporation.


06.03.2015 : News

Do you need C-TPAT?

Do you have to export your products to the United States? Or will you be doing so in the future? If so, it is of utmost importance to take all required measures to ensure a smooth process.

22.03.2015 : News

Criminal Record Checks in Canada

Background Screening companies have been offering National Criminal record checks for approximately 15 years. In the beginning, police services were performing these searches based on a signed authorization provided by a candidate, accompanied by government issued identification.

02.02.2016 : News

Delving Deeper

In a limited job market it’s exciting to meet a candidate who seems ideal. Sometimes, though, a person’s credentials, references and personality don’t give a complete picture of his or her past.

05.03.2016 : News, Media coverage

Do you really know your candidates?

Thanks to globalized markets, people are changing jobs much more frequently than ever before.

criminal background check

05.03.2016 : News

How to proceed after finding out a candidate might have a criminal record

The reason for a criminal background check is inevitably to answer one question: Will this candidate be a security risk to my organization? While no one can tell for sure whether a person will have the motive or opportunity to commit a crime in the future, a person’s past behaviour is often a reliable risk indicator.

05.03.2016 : News

Background screening Tips – During the Job Interview

Every company experiences it, you have a position to fill in and the resumes keep coming in droves.

08.03.2015 : News, Press releases, Media coverage

Pre-Employment Background Check: A safe workplace in the making

Why do clients have the requirement for a background check? What do I do with the information once I have it? Am I even legally allowed to ask for this information?

02.02.2016 : News

The Reference Check: A required procedure or a valuable tool in the hiring decision?

We have found countless examples of candidate supplied references which were discovered to be false.

12.03.2016 : News

Reinforcing your hiring process

In our previous post, we provided tips to identify the best fit during the interview process.

10.02.2016 : News

Restoring simplicity to the hiring process

The basic question always remains the same – what can we do to protect ourselves?

08.03.2016 : News

Social Networks: The Pandora’s Box of Pre-employment Screening

The use of social networking sites for pre-employment screening is fast becoming a minefield of legal dilemmas. People have sued companies that refused…